Q-Is your magazine local?

Yes. We keep TLM as local as we can!

From our feature content to our writers, photographers, models etc. you’ll find that our focus is on the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.

Q- How often are you published?

We are a quarterly magazine and publish TLM 4 times a year.

Spring | April

Summer | July

Autumn | October

Winter | January

Q- are you looking for photographers, writers, etc?

Currently we are in our 3rd year of independent publication. Meaning, our budget is LIMITED… aka we don’t have one! Although we would love to add to our team, it’s just not a possibility right now. However, we do on occasion hire free lancers for writing and photography. If you’ve got an idea for a feature and you think you’ve got what it takes…. pitch it! I tend to go out on a limb for those who are daring enough to go for it!


q- Who is your publisher?

We are an independent magazine, meaning… we are self published!

Q- How do you pick the feature content that you do?

Every issue is unique and a product of what’s important and relevant in our community within the season of publication. As interests change, so does the content. That’s life!

Q- Is this a women’s magazine?

Short answer. No. It’s a lifestyle magazine. Long answer. As the editor and publisher for TLM, I tend to focus content on what is interesting and relevant to me… a woman in my late 30’s with well rounded interests. Would men benefit from reading TLM? Yes! Are men our target demographic? No.


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