What is Taylored Living Magazine?

TLM is a local, full color, printed and online publication that averages 36+ pages of creatively driven content that is curated specifically for our communities within the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas of Washington and Oregon.

Established Spring of 2017, our goal at Taylored Living Magazine is to produce a creative lifestyle magazine that is entertaining to the reader and promotes stronger relationships between our readers and the community.

A subscription to TLM is FREE.  All readers are welcome and considered friends!

Owner | Editor | Publisher  Mary Taylor   tayloredlivingmagazine@gmail.com

Owner | Editor | Publisher

Mary Taylor





Hello there!  My name is Mary Taylor.  I’m a 37-year-old ex-cop turned stay-at-home mom who is now the editor and publisher of a much-needed local lifestyle magazine based out of the Tri-Cities, WA. Our publication is called Taylored Living Magazine (TLM).

Although the underlying goal for TLM is to entertain its readers through a variety of content related to local life, style, and community, my ultimate goal is to provide a platform for readers to build relationships and connections with other members of our community as well as businesses here locally.  As astounding as it sounds, with a population of approximately 300,000 people living within close proximity, there aren’t any other general lifestyle magazines in our area that offer this (none that I know of at least).

I want TLM to be known for adding hope, beauty, prosperity and positivity to our community, and I’m making that happen--one issue at a time--with my 10th publication releasing this July!


When I grew up, I knew that I wanted to be a police officer and ultimately a detective.  I succeeded and became one of the first female detectives in a department that doesn’t necessarily go out of its way to promote or foster a successful environment that is rich in achievement for women in law enforcement. Do not take this as a knock on the department as I love and appreciate all of the opportunities I’ve earned and deeply respect many of the men and women (of which were mostly men) that I worked with. Despite this, I was on top of the world and excelling at my career.  I loved my job and never could have imagined loving anything else as much until the day I met my husband and we decided to start a family.

 After giving birth I finished my maternity leave, and with very little annual leave left, I went back to work. At that time, I was a detective specializing in crimes against children, and while I was handling cases where children were abused and neglected daily, I personally had a full-time stay at-home-nanny raising my son. It wasn’t until I missed my son’s 9-month wellness check that I realized that my calling and my career needed to change, and that I needed to change with it.

Over the last eight years, I’ve traded approximately $800,000 in income in order to stay at home with my two boys and to allow my husband the ability to focus on excelling in his career--while I’ve handled the daily operations of our home and family--a gig that pays well in hugs and kisses! However, now that my youngest will soon start kindergarten, the time has come for me to take my career back. The only problem is that the career that I once excelled at is no longer really an option for me; thus, I’ve found myself in a position which some might find frightening.  Personally, I considered it a Golden Ticket! I’ve created an opportunity to teach myself something new: how to become the editor of a magazine (my magazine) and publish it for a community that I love dearly. 

What motivates me?  

For starters, my family and my community are my main sources of motivation, and if you know me, you know that I consider my community actually to be an extension of my family. If my community prospers, so does my family; however, aside from the motivation that my over-extended bloodline offers, the fire in my belly comes from having, as well as observing, hardships, challenges and obstacles.  I’m a problem solver by nature--hence I loved being a detective, so limits, stereotypes, nepotism, exclusion, the “good ol’ boys club,” pigeon holes, and glass-ceilings motivate me as well.  The struggle of the human spirit and the ability to overcome challenges fuel my motivation, mainly because I know that success is no more a choice than failure is, and so I choose to succeed every single day that I’m blessed to be alive. Seeing possibilities motivates me.  The ability to learn and grow as I go motivates me. Knowing that I have the ability to start over at any time, as many times as I need to, motivates me. Defying self-limiting beliefs and expectations motivates me. The opportunity to rise to the challenge/occasion, motivates me.  Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper while writing about these challenges, and finding a way for my readers to connect with them motivates me and is also one of the many reasons why I started Taylored Living Magazine

What started out to be a personal project for self-improvement and teaching myself a new set of skills turned into a community project where I’m building relationships throughout my community and providing opportunities for other women to start over too. This magazine and I are proof that we women, at any time and at any point in life, can achieve success as long as we face our challenges head on and own them.


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