What is Taylored Living Magazine?

TLM is a local, full color, printed and online publication that averages 34+ pages of creatively driven content that is curated specifically for our community within Tri-Cities, Washington.

Established Spring of 2017, our goal at Taylored Living Magazine is to produce a creative lifestyle magazine that is entertaining to the reader and promotes stronger relationships between our readers and the community.

TLM (the publication) is available to the reader both in print and online through issuu.com

TLM is active on social media (Facebook and Instagram)

TLM is a collaborative publication where we utilize local authors, photographers, designers, writers, makeup artists, non-profits, and small businesses.  (If you see a product or an individual within the publication—it’s local to the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.)

TLM is placed directly into the readers’ hands via small business storefront, e-mail notification, through free mail delivery (for individuals who subscribe) or during public events.  

A subscription to TLM is FREE.  All readers are welcome and considered friends!

Owner | Editor | Publisher  Mary Taylor   tayloredlivingmagazine@gmail.com

Owner | Editor | Publisher

Mary Taylor


“creativity is a club and everyone is invited!”

-Mary Taylor